Monday, September 26, 2011

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Here is our 8 day trip sailing the British Virgin Islands. This gives you a great idea of what is underwater at a couple of the good snorkling destinations.

Must see dive sites:
The Baths
Diamond reef > at Marina Cay
Monkey Point
Norman Island

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Rockies

To see the whole Trip start with "July" which is the link just to the right>>>>>

Arches National Park

Arches was not on our list of site to see however it was a short 3 hour detour for us on our way to the Rockies. We didn't spend much time out of the car rather flying past the sites while Suzanne hung out the window snaping pictures.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cattle Guards

Suzanne and I find it fascinating at how many Cattle Guards we have passed in California, Nevada and Utah. There are cattle guards entering and exiting highways and we have crossed several on the highways. The interesting thing about it is that we haven’t seen that many cattle in those states. In fact I would dare to say we have seen more cattle guards than cattle.

Yeah, my count is that we have crossed 57. (Suzanne)

Tuolomne Meadows!

The spring and the beautiful meadow! The spring is the red bubbly part in the front of the picture.

The guy in the cowboy hat is definitely the one who gave us the lemonade. The largest part of the spring where we dipped for water was where Wes is hanging.

The bridge with 100 splinters.

The water was crytal clear!

Flowers! Purple flowers!

Upon another one of Michael Barker’s brilliant Yosemite suggestions, we spent the first half of the next day in Tuolumne Meadows. The drive there was 45 minutes of unbelievable beauty with lakes, mountains and flowers!

Oh beautiful meadows! We “scrambled” up a dome in the middle of the valley and were surrounded on all sides with the HUGE meadow enclosed in trees and bordered by mountains. Some of the mountains still had snow!

We meandered through the meadows taking in the cool fresh air, the flowers and the limitless shades of green that made us feel so alive! There were several streams and a river that calmly wandered through the meadow with seemingly no destination. It was BEAUTIFUL! A spring on one side of the meadow releases naturally carbonated water. It was so cool to see it bubbling out of the ground! Although Dad and Aaron would have enjoyed the water naturally, fortunately for us another visitor brought lemonade powder which we added to the bottle we had filled. It was one of the best drinks we have ever had!

We took a picture on a bridge in the middle of the magnificent meadow and Wes got some splinters in the back of his leg. He had to find a tree, strip down to his boxers in the middle of the meadow and lie down in the tree’s shadow (Need I mention there are not many trees in a meadow?) while I tried to discreetly and quickly get the splinter out with the tweezers from his swiss army knife. I don’t think I will ever forget that moment.

Day three of Yosemite

Our last day was a packed one. We kicked it of with a short 3 mile stroll through the woods where we saw a deer and two fawns that could not have been more than two weeks old. One could barely stand correctly. Our walk ended at the Ahwanee Hotel, which is a historical site and its 1920’s architecture is beautiful. After lunch we took a quick 4 mile hike up to a view of Yosemite falls. After the Half Dome hike the legs were pretty much useless but we still pressed on up the 48 switch backs to see the falls (one of the tallest in the world) and the valley from a different perspective. It was totally worth the trip. (Wes)

Wes and I ran down the switchbacks from Yosemite Falls which was a rush! I could not stop laughing. We said “cheers” to someone instead of “thanks” for letting us pass. Someone had said that to us earlier and I couldn’t wait to use it. It was all quite silly! We rented a raft and floated down the river that ran through the valley. Again we were one of the last to secure a raft. We were very close to floating down in lifejackets. I’m glad we did not have to resort to that since the many shallow sections would have made for more walking than floating, and we would have been completely numb by the end. Wes really wanted to paddle down and I had just wanted to float on a tube, so we compromised. Wes paddled the raft and I laid out in the front dangling hands and feet in the water like a queen! I've never felt more royal (except of course when I remember that I am a daughter of THE KING!) We jumped in and walked through the river on occasion marveling at the rock faces that rose thousands of feet on both sides. It was amazing! We finished the day with a sunset, hotdogs over the fire (which according to Wes were the best he had ever tasted), hot chocolate, and smores! Yum!